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JP-S61199629-A: Epitaxial growth device for semiconductor patent, JP-S61200219-A: Protecting device for culvert in face of slope patent, JP-S6121388-A: Filler for liquid patent, JP-S61225232-A: Polyolefin resin composition patent, JP-S61225425-A: Pile foundation patent, JP-S61231723-A: Surface processing of compound semiconductor patent, JP-S61243848-A: Vinyl chloride resin composition having excellent heat resistance and laminate having surface layer composed of said composition patent, JP-S6124429-A: Manufacture of headrest patent, JP-S61251585-A: Manufacture of silicon nitride sliding member patent, JP-S61259153-A: System for measuring moisture component of grain patent, JP-S61261040-A: Vibration-damping material patent, JP-S61261820-A: Production of magnetic disk medium patent, JP-S61262328-A: Centralized controlling equipment patent, JP-S61267626-A: Feeding speed control method for automatic paper feeding device patent, JP-S61272838-A: Simulator patent, JP-S61279433-A: Electrode wire for wire electric discharge machining and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S61287042-A: Optical image pickup device patent, JP-S61293701-A: Nc lathe patent, JP-S61297160-A: Manufacture of thermal head patent, JP-S6135228-A: Manufacture of heat-shrinkable tube patent, JP-S614100-A: Tremolo mechanism for guitar patent, JP-S614655-A: Grinder patent, JP-S6152998-A: Method for forming groove on plate patent, JP-S6154552-A: Input and output check system of electronic device patent, JP-S6158995-A: Rotary compressor patent, JP-S6163356-A: Soldering jig patent, JP-S6167936-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S6169035-A: Liquid crystal display element patent, JP-S6175213-A: Angle detector patent, JP-S6176185-A: Hair cutter patent, JP-S6176574-A: Meat-resistant insulating electric wire patent, JP-S6183258-A: Surface-treated ultramarine patent, JP-S6185022-A: Constant-voltage power supply device for electronic copier, etc. patent, JP-S6187466-A: Method of reading radiant ray picture information patent, JP-S6190731-A: Emulsifier and aqueous dispersed liquid of resin obtained by using said emulsifier patent, JP-S6190781-A: Selector for electronic part patent, JP-S6192144-A: Equipment for manufacturing cast squirrel cage rotor patent, JP-S6193648-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S6195898-A: Method of removing whitening and burr of rigid polyvinyl chloride resin material patent, JP-S62124220-A: Manufacture of stainless steel plate patent, JP-S62128849-A: Noise shielding structure at speaker fixing position patent, JP-S62129304-A: High molecular terpolymer of acrylamide, acrylate and alkylacrylamide patent, JP-S62129652-A: Water heater with air heating function patent, JP-S62130821-A: Synthetic resin extrusion-molded body patent, JP-S62136713-A: Projection detector for insulated wire patent, JP-S62140264-A: Recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S62141079-A: Printing ink for synthetic resin and printing on synthetic resin with said ink patent, JP-S62149730-A: Apparatus for corona discharge treatment patent, JP-S6214978-A: Part selector patent, JP-S62155704-A: Switchgear cubicle patent, JP-S62155884-A: Deformable toy patent, JP-S6215702-A: Display incandescent lamp patent, JP-S62159110-A: Automatic focusing device with slave lens system patent, JP-S62173124-A: Parts fitting and assembly device patent, JP-S62173268-A: Liquid-crystal printer patent, JP-S62174966-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S62175064-A: Remote controlling device patent, JP-S62176172-A: Manufacture of photoelectric conversion device patent, JP-S62183973-A: Method and equipment for spot welding patent, JP-S62186147-A: Air conditioner unit for clean room patent, JP-S62201154-A: Medical bag improved in blocking property patent, JP-S62202251-A: Data retry transfer system patent, JP-S62206152-A: Direct lamination of plaster board to spray rock wool surface patent, JP-S62206978-A: Inter-frame adaptive inserting system for dynamic image signal patent, JP-S62207180-A: Ultrasonic vibrating motor patent, JP-S62208621-A: Epitaxial growth of gainp and structure thereof patent, JP-S62214743-A: Digital signal transmission method patent, JP-S62220832-A: Method and device for binding strength of book binding wire patent, JP-S62222201-A: Optical resin and its production patent, JP-S62224286-A: Method for producing enzyme by gene recombination mold and device therefor patent, JP-S6222505-A: Seeding method patent, JP-S62227411-A: Production by separation membrane patent, JP-S62227965-A: Method of treating material patent, JP-S62230116-A: Light emitting element drive circuit patent, JP-S62231875-A: '0' point correction method for steering sensor patent, JP-S62234179-A: Fixing device patent, JP-S62239396-A: Icon display control system patent, JP-S62246052-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material improving stability of dye image patent, JP-S62261275-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-S62262696-A: Driving method for slitter wind-up roll patent, JP-S62267729-A: Driving device patent, JP-S62268840-A: Silk bead like fancy yarn patent, JP-S62274449-A: Bidirectional amplifier control method patent, JP-S62292313-A: End mill made of cermet for high speed cutting patent, JP-S62294522-A: Manufacture of laminated material clad with decorative material patent, JP-S62299024-A: Controlling system for wafer processing device patent, JP-S6231223-A: Optical encoder patent, JP-S6256597-A: Method for plating electronic parts patent, JP-S6271785-A: Exhauster for motorcycle, etc. patent, JP-S6281382-A: Novel heterocyclic compound patent, JP-S628351-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S6285501-A: Radio equipment with polarized wave converter patent, JP-S6288057-A: Inquiry system for acceptance state of patients to be diagnosed patent, JP-S6289135-A: Digital fixed point multiplier patent, JP-S6291560-A: Lubricating resin composition patent, JP-S6296582-A: Heat storing composition patent, JP-S63100778-A: Solid-state element patent, JP-S63102349-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-S63105364-A: Method of preventing temperature of hot water in bathtub from lowering patent, JP-S63111100-A: Continuous water-surface transfer method and device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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